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FlightScope VX2

49.99 usd

FlightScope VX is the most comprehensive teaching, fitting and training app for the completely wireless FlightScope X2 Elite, X2, Xi Tour, Xi+, and Xi tracking radars for golf.FlightScope VX is the world's first and only golf app to include 3D club and ball data, video analysis, and speed and acceleration profiles. Now you can have the power of a golf studio in the palm of your hand. The app features the ability to do split screen video analysis with club data or ball flight trajectory. The app also includes a feature to measure pressure shift, new mental training integration with FocusBand, and D-Plane data screens for the most comprehensive set of data parameters available for golf.
Some features and data may vary depending on your radar model.Highlights include :- Track Real-Time Measured Club and Ball Data- 25 Data Parameters- Custom Data Viewing Options- 3D and 2D Club Analysis- Video Analysis- Split Screen Video and Data Comparison- Overlay D-Planes and view 3D visualization to compare swings- Custom Shot Comparison- Elliptical Shot Groupings- Sensor Alignment with mobile device camera- Driver Optimizer- FocusBand (mental training) integration- BodiTrak pressure mat integration- Golf ball normalization- Face to Path and Spin Loft parameters- Swing Trainer Feature- Now supporting the X2 Elite
*****************This app requires the use of a FlightScope X2, X2 Elite, Xi Tour, Xi+, or Xi model radar.
This product is patented. Patent*****************